Febrero 2011: DC&DII Vienna Conference (co-organizada por ABD-Energy Control)

Energy Control

A Conference for Action

The legal framework of the European Union provides stakeholders working on drug policies a number of benchmarks. These offer the basis for a balanced approach between prevention, harm reduction, treatment and supply reduction, as well as between public order, health and social development. This flexible framework allows the Member States to adopt a contrasting range of legislations, from repressive measures against drug use, to the authorisation of small-scale traffic and the testing of remedial policies. At a city level, the heterogeneity is even greater. The response of the various services involved is highly variable, and the few studies on police and court practices show significant differences in repressive responses. The same applies to health care or social welfare: the quality and number of tools and their geographical location creates a deep inequality of resources across Europe for citizens.

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