MMM/GMM hoy 7 de mayo a nivel mundial

MMM Madrid 2011

Ciudades donde se va a celebrar la MMM/GMM de 2011.

Aberdeen: (Scotland, UK) Paul Cruickshank Start off 2 p.m. at “Castlegate” in Aberdeen.

Albuquerque: (New Mexico) Jason Alcott 505-205-4704 , Meeting on NE corner of University and Central May 1st at High Noon.

Alva: (Oklahoma) Keary Prophet 580 327 1577 Friday, May 7, 2010,  Alva  Downtown square on Flynn and College.

Amherst: (Massachusetts) Cannabis Reform Coalition 413-545-1122  Alex Arsenault Extravaganga April 2011, Date TBD — Amherst Common.

Amsterdam: (Netherlands) Jacqueline Woerlee + 31 613 979 321 or Joep or strong in the first cannabis demonstration since Legalize!

Ann Arbor: (Michigan) Adam Brook 313-999-0329 www.hashbash.orgHASH BASH~ High Noon ~ April 2nd, 2011 @ U of M Diag–worldwide kickoff.

Arcadia: (Florida) James Lyons 863-263-1892

Arequipa: (Peru) Sabado – 3 pm en Plaza de Armas ~!/legalizaperu

Athens: (Greece)

Friday at 5 pm – May 8 at 5 am ~ FB – Legalize Protestival 2011 – Αντιαπαγορευτικό Φεστιβάλ Αθήνας ~



Atlanta: (Georgia) Paul Cornwell or lv msg 404-462-7959. CAMP ~ ~ May 7th ~ The MARCH will assemble in FREEDOM PARK @ 4pm on Saturday and rally in L5P til 7pm. Music, speakers & information. FB /420/!/event.php?eid=165176313537841 ~ FB /CAMP/

Aurillac: (France) Rendez-vous le 7 mai 2011 à 14h, Statue des Droits de l’Homme sur le Cours Gambetta. ~Contact: Lance ; Manu : 04 43 04 63 48 –

Austin: (Texas) Hector Sanchez 512-553-0420 or 512-653-4499. also: Stoney, Texas Hemp Campaign, , 512-441-4099

Bahia Blanca: (Argentina) (Bs.As.) Concentración 16:00 hs. Parque de Mayo (La Arcada)

Bakersfield: (California) Ed Sulla 661-369-3117 or Shelley King  661-699-7947  Bakersfield NORML, POB 10103, Bakersfield, CA 93386. Beach Park (24th & Oak St.), at 12 noon, May 7, 2011. The march will commence to the ‘Liberty Bell’ on Truxtun Ave.

Bariloche: (Argentina) Coordination site in Argentina: 20 people in 2010.

Bellingham: (Washington) Lee Cole 360-756-5177 William Quarles 360-355-9232  Several well-attended events.

Belo Horizonte: (Brazil) Baden Jansen Dias or 01155  31 8516 5666 : 15:00 hs, Praça da Estação (Rua da Bahia, até a prefeitura)

Benton Harbor: (Michigan) Eric Phillips 269-845-2230.  Noon to dusk rally in Union Park. March at 4:20.

Berlin: (Germany) Matthias Meyer c/o Hanfbund/E.L.F – European Legalization Fond Tel: 0049 30 4479 3284 Fax: 0049 30 4479328 May 8. Meet @ brandenburger tor, 15 o clock.

Bermuda: (British) Carol Wade ~ ph 441 532 6524

Bern:  (Switzerland) Hanf Chanvre Hemp-info Mobil: 0041 79 633 18 48 www.hemp-info.chAndré Fürst, Prehlstr. 53, 3280 Murten,Switzerland. Time and place TBA  Afterparty: Mosi +41 79 702 83 78 Postal: Fourtwenty Trendshop, P.O.Box 647, 3000 Bern 8, Switzerland. I had this year like every year a little table with Free Hemp drinks and small Food…2011  will make a Grill Party for WWMM …free Beer and free Food to all Hemp interested People…in a new Place:  Fourtwenty Growcenter , Dorngasse 10(Hintereingang) , 3007 Bern +41 31 3710307

Binghamton: (New York)Anna Long 607-239-8922 State Bldg., May 7.

Birmingham: (UK) Colin and Oz cell:  07799055296 May 8 Cannonhill Park, Edgbaston. on the grass in front of the Golden Lion Pub.

Boise: (Idaho) Rev Tom Hayes (208)384-1421 org: Musicians & Entertainers Helping End Marijuana or   Isaias Valdez  (208)-340-6635 7  Rally starts at 2 p.m. Julia Davis Park entrance, Capitol Blvd. March begins 4 p.m.: to the statehouse steps, 4:20 guest speakers. Be there or Be Square!!!

Bossier City: (Louisiana) Zane Brown, Jacob Franks ~ Ph. 318-734-8014 ~ ~ FB ~

Boulder: (Colorado) Jeff Christen-Mitchell 720 275-0319 March fr. the Hill @ 4:20, fr. 13th & College to Broadway thru the Pearl Street Mall west to east.

Bozeman: (Montana) Dante Bonanini 406-570-9009 or Tim 360-561-3622

Braga: (Portugal) Pedro May 8.

Brasilia: (Brazil) Samuel Augusto samuel barros or  Gustavo Catedral, 15hs. 9 de Maio. 2009:

Bratislava: (Slovakia) 7.5.2011 ~ Zeleny Stvrtok June 17 ~

Brighton: (UK) James Langley 07979405647!/group.php?gid=129385259253&ref=ts 2010 –  official police numbers were 268 people and yes 2 arrests. It poured with rain so numbers were affected. Next year, May 2, 2011 – Bank Holiday.

Buenos Aires: (Argentina) Concentración: May 7 – 13:00 hs., Marchamos a las 13:00 hs. – 15:00 hs ~ Marcha dePlaza de Mayo a Plaza Congreso. ~ Revista THC (THC Magazine) Alejandro Sierra 54 (11) 4864 5132 Coordination site in Argentina: 8,000 people marched from Plaza de Mayo to Congress in 2010.

BuffaloCANCELED (New York) Matt Kopalek 607-237-2788 Mike 585-813-1700

BurlingtonCANCELED (Vermont) Denny Lane (802) 496-2387 138 Fairview Rd., Warren, VT 05674 , looking for young insurgents…

Calgary: (Alberta, Canada) Keith Fagin 403-863-2071 Meet at City Hall- 800 Macleod Tr. SE 1 p.m. to 4:20 p.m..

Cali: (Colombia) Trinchera Ganja Collective/A.C.P.M (Association for Popular Communication and Media.) Tel: 321 748 7060 Colombia.

Capetown: (South Africa) Chris J and fax: 0866551933 cel: +27847362270

Caracas: (Venezuela) Enrique J. Dorta P. – AKA – Cannabicultor Rasta +34 697149495 Venezuela Cannabis Association:

Cardiff: (Wales, UK) Rhys  Morgan May 1st was a great success with about 300 people on the day.  The police were kind enough to turn a blind eye to anyone smoking. We peacefully walked from the City Hall, and finished at the steps of the Welsh Assembly main building (our  House of Commons or Congress).

Charleston: (West Virginia) or Dick Smith 304-779-2143  Box 136, Deepwater, WV 25057

Charlotte: (North Carolina) Xavier Veille 704-890-0336 30 people at old city hall;

Charlottesville: (Virginia)  Kyle Benson 434-806-8107  Event details TBA.

Chattanooga: (Tennessee) Rachel Fitzgerald 507-219-8711  Noon of the Courthouse steps.

Chicago:  (Illinois) Richey 847-275-0473 or Dan Linn 847 341 0591 Federal Plaza Saturday, May 1st @ NOON. Almost a thousand people, 3 bands, 2 comics, pumped march in ’09.

Chico: (California) Dinah Coffman 530-345-1997 2:15 PM at the Free speech Area @ the U–60 people.

Chisinau: (Moldova) Anatolie Juraveli, member ENCOD ,  +373 79728666

Cincinnati: (Ohio) The Happy Hemptress 513-684-HEMP ~ Video AD: ~ HempRock Productions, P.O. Box 141066, Cincinnati, OH 45250 Saturday Rally @ Hamilton County Courthouse!

Cleveland: (Ohio) Cleveland NORML Box 670 Gates Mills, OH 44040-0670 or Jerry Braseman 216-798-3244 Noon march from Public Square to Justice Center.

Cognac: Le 7 mai 2011 à 14h, au départ de la place François-Ier. Le rendez-vous est donné à 14 heures pour une déambulation. Contact (Temp)  marche.mondiale@free.fr ~ «jusqu’aux écluses pour la révolution» dixit le communiqué de l’organisateur. ~


Colorado Springs: (Colorado) Stephanie Morphet 719-684-4154

Columbus: (Ohio) Facebook: Columbus Ohio Marijuana March ~ The march for Columbus will be held on May 7th at 4:20 pm at North High St. and 17th ave. Everyone come out and bring a friend to. Make signs and join this peaceful protest to END PROHIBITION on this Magical Plant!» ~ Wikia:,_Ohio,_USA

Commack: (New York) Sean 631-974-1670

Comodoro Rivadavia: (Argentina) (Chubut)  Eloy Argentina. Coordination site in Argentina: ~ Concentración 15:00 hs.Plaza Kompuchewe (San Martín al 700) ver mapa ~ 800 people in 2010.

Copenhagen: (Denmark) Fri Hash Bevægelsen or Klaus Tuxen (45)26649433 telephone open from 14.00 to 19.00. YouTube: Christiania 14:00.

Cordoba: (Argentina) Mike Mifari 00543548 15567647 Edith Moreno ~ Concentración 15 hs.Parque las Heras ver mapa ~ Coordination site in Argentina: 900 people in 2010.

Cork: (Ireland) Colin John Son Of Donald Saturday, May 7th @ 2:00 pm ~ May 9 @ 5:30 pm ~ Dublin: Garden of Remembrance & Cork:Bishop Lucy Park ~ Facebook: 5th Annual Legalise Cannabis March & Smokeup ~ ~ Wikia page –,_Ireland

Corvallis: (Oregon) Eric Franklin 541-868-7140 Nathan Fisher 541-908-2494 May 1 starting 2 p.m. from County Courthouse at 4th and Monroe and marching at 4:20.

Cusco: (Peru) Sabado – 5 pm en la Plaza de San Blas.  ~!/legalizaperu

Dallas: (Texas) Dan Brown Ryan Rodrigues 817-896-3619 or Elisabeth Meeting at 11:30, March starts at HIGH NOON! We will organize in the park in front of City Hall (Free Parking all around the square) and march from there around through the Grassy Knoll, the West End, past the TV stations, and on through the Financial District, back past the Federal Building to City Hall, where we’ll have a rally! DFW NORML is sponsoring an After-Party, details TBD- further information, March maps, and REGISTER at our website to show your support today, and spread the word!

Denver: (Colorado) Tiny Martinez 720-365-8187 PO Box 140843, Arvada, CO 80004-5550. 500 people, May 7, noon. Parade starts at State Capitol.

Detroit: (Michigan) Heidi Parikh 734-678-9675,  Down River Compassion Bob 734-697-3947 or  Jay 269-697-4521 All day rally in Grand Circus Park with Speech, drum circle, special guest Jay Hayburner, booths, a band and contests. Noon – 6pm.

Dinuba: (California) Ayesha  Yrigollen 559-591-5341 or Ted Chavez 559-595-9360.

Dunedin: (Florida) Abe Gray The Octagon – High Noon to 4:20.  Speakers, music, rally and protest march.

Dublin: (Ireland) Colin J Macdonald ~ Dublin Legalise Cannabis March & Smokeup on the May 7th at 14.00  ~ Dublin: Garden of Remembrance & Cork:Bishop Lucy Park ~ ~ Facebook: 5th Annual Legalise Cannabis March & Smokeup. ~ Wikia pages:,_Ireland

Durban: (South Africa) J Thang or Chris J and fax: 0866551933 cel: +27847362270

Edmonton: (Alberta, Canada) April  The march will start at 1.00 pm at Sir Winston Churchill Square.  We will then march to the Alberta Legislative grounds for 4.20pm.  You can contact April or Todd at The event is being put on by Edmonton 420 and Sunshine and Grass.

El Bolsón (Argentina) )(Rio Negro) May 7 – 15 hs – Concentración en plaza Pagano

Eugene: (Oregon) Jim Greig 541 844 1220  or Dan 541 517-0957 Willamette Valley NORML, PO Box 10957, Eugene, OR 97440 Elvy Musikka featured in 2010

Flint: (Michigan) Braxton Koch 810-869-4653 “March in the Park!” in Downtown Flint City@ the River Bank Park.

Florida: (Uruguay) e-mail: ~ Saturday May 7 – 15:00 to 19:00hs«Amigos del Autocultivo Florida» ~ FB ¡¡¡FUMATA!!! 7 de mayo día mundial x la legalización de la marihuana ~ Wikia:,_Uruguay ~ FB –

Fontana: (California) Ginger Magana-Cruz 909-773-2055

Formosa (Argentina) (Formosa)  May 7 – 15 hs – Concentración a la orilla del arroyo San Hilario

Frankfurt: (Germany) Ingrid: (49) 177 34 67 861 or 80 in ’09. In 2010: 100 people, info tables, march and smoke-in.

Fresno: (California) Jody Watkins Mind, Body and Soul Collective, 3131 E. Central Ave., Fresno, CA 93725, 559-486-6010, The march will begin at The Hemp Shack on Olive at 11am and go .7 miles to La Luna Loca.  We will conclude the march with a rally at La Luna Loca until 4pm including educational info, music, raffles and more.

Ft. Bragg: (North Carolina) Bruce Davis 707-961-6099  or Verge Belanger  (KZYX FM Friday morning Midnite to 2) or leave a message at 707-877-1159  Rally at Town Hall, corner Main & Laurel, Friday, May 6.

George: (South Africa) Damien Clayton. Green Smoke Room – Gwaing Outdoor Music Festival on the 1st of May in George, South Africa.

Georgetown: (Guyana) Ras Simeon 592-615-0523  50 turned out May 8th.

Gig Harbor: (Washington) Ken Organ 253-820-3956 Olympic Village, 4:20.

Grand Forks: (North Dakota) Joe Shackleford 701-741-0323 Details TBA.

Grand Junction: (Colorado) Crystal Brickey, mail#mce_temp_url# or  Ian Pittman info@RedMoonChronicle.com970-263-8037   2 p.m. March from City Hall to Federal Courthouse.

Greenville: (South Carolina) Chelsea Burdette 910-364-6992 Greenville Million Marijuana March High Noon-4:20 pm First Street Park/Town Commons

Guadeloupe: (Lesser Antilles) Le 8 mai, Chemin des Mineurs, Bois Sec à Goyave ~ Contact: ~

Hammond: Tank Moore 219-677-4290

Halifax: (Nova Scotia, Canada) Debbie Stultz-Giffin 902-840-1607  PO Box 362, Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, Canada B0S 1C0 May 7, 1:30-4:30 PM Halifax N. Common.

Harrisburg: (Pennsylvania) Libby Belgrave 717-232-2754 May 8th tabled at the State House, small  turnout on two weeks notice.

Homer: (Alaska) Wes Schacht 907-235-3458/299-7470 K-Bay Coffee shop, High Noon.

Houston: (Texas) Tami Halphen 832-863-6261 or Dean c/o Dean Becker, 11215 Oak Spring, Houston, TX 77043

Indianapolis: (Indiana) Neil Smith or 972-4455 Postal: High on the Hill,  3729 W. 16th St, Indianapolis, IN GMM adjacent to “High on the Hill” 4:20 PM. Speakers: Neal “Skywolf” Smith, LEAP, etc….

Jakarta: (Indonesia)Legalize Marijuana In Indonesia ~  Lingkar Ganja Nusantara ~ Event info: ~ 2011 link: ~ Official Website:

Jerusalem: (Israel) Ohades Chem-tov (011) 972-54 -489-0360 or Joe (011) 972 52 598 8794 Jerusalem @ the upper independence park, by King-George road.

Johannesburg: (South Africa) Chris J and fax: 0866551933 cel: +27847362270 or Clive Hendrickse, Guerrilla Events, +27824076135

Kalamazoo: (Michigan) Ben Martin 269-760-7885 FaceBook: Kalamazoo March 50 people including Kalamazoo Compassion Club and Kalamazoo Holistic Health.

Kansas City: (Kansas) 1-888-KCN-ORML (ext. 420)   Greg Terry (428) Communications or Eric DeWolf (Ext. 424) – Treasurer – or ‘It’s a beautiful day’ 3918 Broadway, Kansas City MO. 64111… 816-931-6169. March at High Noon from J.C. Nichols Fountain to S. Moreland Park for outdoor concert.  Speakers and more.

Key West: (Florida) Steven Jacobson 561-289-3459

Kiev: (Russia) Dead J. Dona – or -(+3 80 63 478 50 24) – Anton March starts in Sofievskaya sq. and finishs at Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square).

Kokomo: (Indiana) Gary Elvers 765-868-0213  Elvie’s Parking lot, 1300 W. Mulberry St. 1 PM. Better than last year w/ 75 people.

Lake Isabella:  (California) Jeff Clark 310-600-5360 or Ron Fox 760 379 0771. POB 1103, Lake Isabella, CA 93240.  Feeder rally for Bakersfield.

La Laguna: (Canary Islands) Josafat Marrero or Tfno: 617830981 Asociación para el Estudio y la Normalización del Cannabis

Lansing: (Michigan) Kathleen Gulick 517-930-6664 or Scott Arnold c/o S.E.A’s Head 333 S. Pennsylvania Avenue, Lansing MI 48912 or Kathy Kennedy 517-999-3038

La Plata: (Argentina) (Bs.As.) Concentración 12:00 hs., Marchamos a las 14:00 hs. ~ Marcha de Plaza Moreno aPaseo del Bosque ver mapa ~ Coordination site in Argentina:

Lanzarote: (Canary Islands) Enrique J. Dorta P. – AKA – Cannabicultor Rasta +34 697149495 Webs: Lanzarote Cannabis Social Club Venezuela Cannabis Asociation:

La Renion: (Saint Denis) Contact : Moos  stikmou974@hotmail.comLe 7 MA, de 14h à 18h, Place du Barachois.


La Rioja (Argentina) (La Rioja)  May 7 – 16:30 – Marcha de Parque Sarmiento a Casa de Gobierno

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: (Canary Islands) Juan Carlos González Martín Tfno:  617830981  Cannarias Asociación para el Estudio y la Normalización del Cannabis

Lawrence: (Kansas) Patrick Wilbur 785-841-8801 Laura Green, Director, Drug Policy Forum of 785-550-4757  DPFKS, POB 357, Lawrence, Kansas 66044.  Clint Lassen clintlassen@yahoo.com785-840-8481

Leicester: (UK) Jakub Carter (info@)

Lefkosia – Nicosia: (Republic of Cyprus) Petros Evdokas  357-22-675-250 ~ Cypurs Indy-Media and Belly of the Beast Collective, Sofouli 16 / Ap.  207,1096 Nicosia.

Lethbridge: (Alberta, Canada) Tamara Cartwright 403-223-3336/715-1891   2 PM Rally at City Hall – 910 4th Ave South.

Lima: (Peru) ~ Domingo – 6 pm en El Faro Miraflores. ~!/legalizaperu

Luis Gavancho, Jesus Zeballos!/legalizaperu

Lincoln: (Nebraska) Diana Wulf  Ph 402-314-7508 dwulf1972@gmail.com ~!/event.php?eid=190314987679360 ~

Little Rock: (Arkansas) Heather Ernst 501-317-0512 About 50 people on May 8th outside State Capitol w/signs, music and a speaker from NORML.

London: (UK) RESCHEDULED Event to be held on July 23, 2011. Facebook: Legalise Marijuana Event London ~ Wikia:,_England,_UK

Longview: (Washington) Teresa Biggs 360-425-7127 ~ 200 in ’10.

Los Angeles: (California) Akile 323-799-8409  or , Sister Chi-Chi 213-975-9092  or Jaamiah Moori Bey 626-324-8378 or Kyle 818-894-6227 Noon, May 8th, corner of Adams & Crenshaw.  We had an absolutely wonderful event. The 12th Annual Million Marijuana March was a resounding success. Imagine, the Los Angeles PD escorting us up Crenshaw Blvd. with LIVE MARIJUANA Plants and real looking “PROPS.” We had wonderful speakers…Wu-Tang Clan, Yo Yo, The Hurricane Band and the Holy Herb gave a show with “effect” as in special effects.

Louisville: (Kentucky) Charlize Rockmore 502-794-2061 (cell)

Lyon: (France) Email : ; ;  Samedi 7 mai 2011DEPART 15 H PLACE CARNOT / Arrivée Hôtel de Ville ~ Le CIRC Lyon organise le covoiturage au départ des principales villes de la région (Grenoble). Tel : 06 11 53 10 07 ~

CIRC Lyon B.P 93043 69605 Villeurbanne cedex  Affiche du CIRC, ~ Communiqué de presse du CIRC Lyon

Et tous les lundis soirs de 21h à 22h, « Cannabis Circus », sur Radio Canut 102.2 Mhz,

Pour la fin des mensonges répandus sur le cannabis pour ; Et pour un changement de politique ; Pour l’usage du cannabis à des fins thérapeutiques ; La libération de tous les prisonniers politiques détenus pour des affaires liées au cannabis ; Pour l’autoproduction de plants de cannabis à usage personnel.

Madison: (Wisconsin) or Assemble 11 AM, April 30, Wisconsin State Capitol, State Street steps


Madrid: (Spain) Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana 2011 ~ 14 de mayo de 2011 ~ 19:00 h. ~ Salida desde la Puerta del Sol ~ «Por una política de drogas justa y eficaz» ~ Mas información en Tfno: 915303364 (20:30 h – 23:00)

Maracay: (Venezuela) Enrique J. Dorta P. – AKA – Cannabicultor Rasta  +34 697149495 Venezuela Cannabis Asociation:

Mar del Plata: (Argentina) (Bs.As.)  Federico Abuelo TE 46998934 Cel 1562736866 ~ Concentración 13:00 hs. ~ Plaza San Martínver mapa ~ Coordination site in Argentina: 350 people in 2010 at Plaza San Martín.

Marseille: (France) hugo89_2000@yahoo.frLe 7 mai 2011 à 14h, le Vieux Port de Marseille ~ Marre d’être dans l’illégalité, marre d’un pays qui ne veut pas voir la vérité ! Pour une dépénalisation encadrée venez nous soutenir et afficher votre opinion.

Medford:  (Oregon) Melanie Barniskis 541-779-1448 Southern Oregon NORML (SO NORML), 332 W. 6th Ave., Medford OR 97501.  Over 250 people marched through Downtown Medford from Alba Park. The march through downtown Medford took us right past the Federal Courthouse, the county courthouse, and our rally was held right outside of the Medford Police Department’s windows.  Law Enforcement was minimal, a couple of drive by observations, but no problems whatsoever.

Mendoza: (Argentina) (Mendoza) Concentración 15:00 hs. ~ Parque Gral. San Martín (Portones) Coordination site in Argentina: 200 people in 2010.

Mexico City: (Mexico) +(52) 55-2166-6034 Día Mundial por la Liberación del Cannabis, marcha de la Alameda Central al Monumento a la Revolución.

Miami:  (Florida) Dail Adelman 305 401 5776   May 7, 2011 Hollywood Boardwalk at the Bandshell (Johnson St.) 2–5 p.m.

Miamitown: (Ohio) The Happy Hemptress 513-684-HEMP HempRock Productions, P.O. Box 141066, Cincinnati, OH 45250 Riverfront West Pavilion, 7958 Harrison Ave. in Miamitown, OhighO. Doors open 7:30pm , Saturday May 1.

Midland: (Texas) Bryan Perryman (432) 559-4437 Rally at the Federal Bldg, 200 E. Wall St.

Minneapolis: (Minnesota) Chris Wright Phone: 651-280-7922  Noon-time rally @ Washburn Fair-Oaks Park (24th Street and Stevens Ave) 2 p.m. marching to Smith Triangle Park (24th Street and Hennepin Ave) and returning to Washburn Fair-Oaks.

Missoula: (Missouri) John Masterson 406-542-8696 Montana NORML, PO BOX 8411, Missoula, MT 59807. March begins at 4:20 at Jacob’s Island/Bark Park- along the Clark Fork to the courthouse.  Bring signs, bring love, bring strength and righteousness.

Montevideo: (Uruguay) Ariel De Los Santos “Movimiento por la Liberacion del Cannabis” The event this year was on May 15th, it was awful, rain, cold, wind and transport strike. We had just around 1000 people, we expected 10 times more but the climate didn’t help.

Montreal: (Canada) Marc-Boris St. Maurice or Shantal Arroyo 514.842.4900 Compassion Club 4135 St. Laurent Blvd. Montreal Quebec H2W 1Y7, Canada. or Adam Greenblatt 68 Rachel St. East, Montréal, QC, H2W 1C6.  May 7th.

Nantes: (France) Le 7 mai 2011 à 14h, Place Royale. ~ Contact : ~

Nota Bene : Alors qu’une mobilisation citoyenne internationale de grande ampleur est attendue lors de la journée mondiale du cannabis du 7 mai 2011, le laboratoire Droit et Changement Social de Nantes (UMR CNRS 3128) vous invite à une conférence-débat-Pique-nique, ~ Campus Tertre de la Faculté de droit et des sciences politiques de 10 h 30 à 13 h 30 dont l’objet est de s’interroger sur les perspectives d’évolution de la législation sur les stupéfiants ouvertes par ce mouvement social. ~

Netanya: (Israel) Netta Simply 972-524-666445 P.O.Box 13914,  Netanya, 42138, Israel. May 1st, 16:00  meet at the city fountain and  march up and down the main street.

Neuquén: (Argentina) (Neuquen) Coordination site in Argentina: 100 people in 2010.

New Orleans: (Louisiana) Ashley  Boudreaux 504-710-9128  High Noon,  rally  details TBA.

New York City: (New York) Dana Beal 212-677-7180 Cures not Wars c/o The Yippie! Museum, 9 Bleecker St, NYC 10012.  May 7, 2011 Details TBA.

Nimbin: (Australia) Max Stone Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement ph: 61 266 891842 www.nimbinmardigrass.com http://www.nimbin-marijuana-march.420-web-hosting.com

Ogden: (Utah) Happy Gorder 801-393-2806 cell 317-6262 200 rallied despite police rudeness. Noon, 25th & Washington.

Omaha: (Nebraska)  Alan 402-892-9345 or McFoster’s 402-345-7477 March on May 14 ~ 1pm – 5 pm ~ Gene Leahy Mall @ 14th and Farnam ~!/event.php?eid=145418582172142 ~ Open speeches @ 2. March to Old Market @ 3. Drumming circle  No snacks or water will be there.

Orange County: (California) Joshua Potter 949-973-7243

Orlando: (Florida) Donna Drake 407-394-3307 or Josh/PUFMM 727-735-8270 30  volunteers worked festival w. petitions.

Osaka: (Japan) Cannabist +81-3-3706-6885

Oslo: (Norway) Tokel +47 99 32 59 61 NORMAL, Hjelmsgt 3, N0-0355 Oslo, Norway. Gather @ Youngstorget (square), 15.00 hours…stay after the march for a big concert.

Paducah: (Kentucky) Paula Willett 270 703 Meet up at Dolly McNutt Plaza  6th & Washington St–the Veterans Memorial  11:00 a.m.  March @ HIGH NOON.

Paia: (Hawaii) Brian Murphy 808 344-2991 & Paia maui will be doing a rally @ baldwin beach Park noon to 6pm.

Palm Springs: (California) Aurora Maldonado (760)660-7490 Very hot in 2010 but there was a lot of support.

Parana: (Argentina) Coordination site in Argentina: 30 people in 2010.

Paris: (France)FARId Ghehioueche <> 0033614815679 / skype: farid3h www.cannabissansfrontieres.orgLe 7st ~ 15h départ Place de la Bastille to Jaures/Stalingrad Place10th Anniversary ~ Cannabis Day>  June 18th : Nationwide « Appel du 18 joints » ; CannaPeace gathering (music, information, speeches, street arts…). Postal : Lady Long Solo 38, rue Keller 75011 Paris.

Breaking news: If you want to save some part of MMM history, our website is opened to archive any data you’d like to share. Please visit and stay tuned on

Penticton: (British Columbia, Canada) Amanda Stewart 250-770-8171 c/o Valley Hemp, 4143 Skaha Lake Rd, Penticton, British Columbia, V2A 6J7 Canada. 30 people in small town, lots of support and honks from drive-bys. May 7, 2011, 3:00 p.m. Gyro Park.

Peoria: (Illinois) Shannon Keith, Ill. Medical Marijuana  Not-for-profit, 309-264-9638 or  Richard J. Voice and Fax: 309-648-2525 2009 on YouTube: May 1, 2010 march was excellent w/more than 150 people.

PhiladelphiaRESCHEDULED (Pennsylvania)  Meet @ Broad Street & South Street at 5pm ~ Saturday May 21st. Rob Dougherty 215-586-3483 or  Derek Rosenzweig ~ Postal: 1234 Market St., PO. Box 36687, Philadelphia, PA 19107.  Over 1200 people marched down South Street on May 1, 2010 ~

Phoenix: (Arizona) Kathy & Nancy 480-892-0993  P.O. Box 60272   Phoenix AZ  85082-  May 7, 2011 – The 4th Annual March in Phoenix  www.PhoenixMarch.Org Facebook Phoenix March 2010 recap: about 300 or so…we did a medical marijuana Candlelight Vigil.

Pineville: (Louisiana) Ragan Tolbert & Chris Parkes 704.698.5364 Marching on May 8th @ Park Rd. Park.

Pittsburg: (Pennsylvania) Jen Rainey 417-396-6618

Port Aransas: (Texas) Kelsey Jackson 361-557-8147 Rally on the Beach, mile marker 9, 4:20 PM.

Portland: (Oregon) Emma Donovan 207-332-3253 MaineLy NORML , 57 McKay Rd Norway, Maine 04268. Cap’n Joint C*J Bunn 50 gathered for rally in Monument Square. Next year gather at the square and march to  Deering Oaks Park for music and speakers.

Portland: (Oregon) Madeline Martinez: or Anna Diaz: 503.239.6110 GCM Organizing Committee c/o Oregon NORML, PO Box 16057, Portland, OR 97292-0057.

Porto: (Portugal) Filipe Guedes, Carla Fernandes & Luis Castro 00351225100455 or 00351917924889-Carla or  00351914207585-João Postal: Rua São Roque da Lameira 839, 4350-311 Porto, Portugal.

Porto Alegre: (Brazil) or ~ http://www.principioativo.blogspot.com About 1,000 people marched at Parque da Redenção, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil . Music Speakers Clowns Cops and giant polystyrene joints!  Sign up our city for May 14 or 21, 2011.

Potsdam: (Germany) Annett Bauer 0049-331-581 3231

Poznan, (Poland) Saturday, May 7 · 4:00pm – 7:00pm ~ Start spod Opery ul. Fredry ~ Global Marijuana March – w wolnym tłumaczeniu Marsz Wyzwolenia Konopi – jest to szereg corocznych, pokojowych manifestacji na rzecz legalizacji konopi. W tym roku odbędzie się on w kilkuset miastach na całym Świecie, w tym w Poznaniu 7 maja.~

Prague: (Czech Republic) Jiri Novak +420 605 115 146 or Robert Veverka 773 691 561 or Hana Gabrielová +420 777 027 012 , , o.s. Jaromirova 23,  Praha  2,  128 00 Czech Republic. 8th May ’10 at 1pm on Karlovo námûstí (Charles square) in Prague. Video from MMM in Prague

Pueblo: (Colorado) Sidnee Love 719-429-7529

Raleigh-Durham: (North Carolina) Jeff Badalucco 919-247-2644 Craig Rhodes at  the Halifax Mall located just  North of the Capitol, May 7, 2011. The 2010 Raleigh Marijuana Rally, March, and Music Festival was a total success.  More than 1,000 people showed up throughout the day and our parade was a city block long worth of pro-marijuana activists.  There were no arrests of any kind during the entire day.

Regina: (Saskatchewan, Canada) Daniel Johnson

Reno: (Nevada) Michelle 775-287-1594/ 775-348-8063

Resistencia: (Argentina) (Chaco)  May 7 – 15:30 hs – Mástil mayor de la avenida 9 de Julio

Richmond: (Virginia) Orin Martin 804 516 9329 also Rev. Jacob 703-303-9906  300 rallied, 200 marched.

Río Cuarto: (Argentina) (TBA)  Coordination site in Argentina: 30 people in 2010.

Río de Janeiro: (Brazil) Renato Cinco 55+21+87053357  cel.: William or Psicotropicus, Rua Presidente Vargas 590, sala 515, 20.071-000, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The Marijuana March Rio de Janeiro was a success! No serious incident, about 4,000 people participated. Media coverage is excellent.,,GIM1256431-7823-RJ+MANIFESTACAO+EM+IPANEMA+PEDE+A+LEGALIZACAO+DA+MACONHA,00.html

Río Grande: (Argentina) (Tierra del Fuego) Concentración 16:00 hs. ~ Fagnano 428 ~ Coordination site in 30 people in 2010.

Rome: (Italy) INFO LINE: 0039 3393393589 , Alberto www.millionmarijuanamarch.info,+anche+se+c’è+chi+ancora+scende+in+piazza+per+dire+di+no.0090550

Rosario: (Argentina) (Santa Fe) Leandro Mussini ~ Concentración 15:00 hs., Marchamos a las16:30 hs.~ Marcha de Plaza PringlesParque Nacional de la Bandera ver mapa ~ Agrupación Cogollos, Coordination site in Argentina: 1,000 people in 2010.

Rothburry: (Michigan) Angela Acuna 231-670-7883. Noon-5pm.  Rothburry. Mi. (meet at Rothburry Park on Old 31)

Sacramento: (California) Jolie Perea 916-225-9058 or Ed Brooks Max,  916-473-2427, El Camino Wellness Center, 2511 Connie Drive, Sacramento, CA 95815 or Steffany,  Green Solutions, 1404 28th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.

Salem: (Massachusets) MERCY Center 503.363-4588 May 1st, 2010, rain or shine, High Noon. Assemble 11am at the far end of the mall across from the steps of the Capital Building, corner of W. Summer and Center streets. March at High Noon thru city and back to Rally point.

Salta: (Argentina) (Salta) May 7 – 15 hs – Concentración en la Plaza Güemes ~ Coordination site in ~ 30 people in 2010.

San Diego: (California) Craig Beresh 619-467-1235 or Diane 619-282-6600 Sponsored by  30th St. Patient Collective, 4494 30th St, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92116. 200 people marched from Crystal Pier to Mission Beach on May 1, 2010.

San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca: (Argentina) (Catamarca) May 7 – Concentración 19:00 hs. ~ Plaza 25 de Mayo ~ Coordination site in Argentina:

San Francisco: (California) Lynette Shaw 415-256-9328 Postal: Marin Alliance, 6 School St. Plaza, #25, Fairfax, CA 94930

San Jose: (California) ~

San Juan: (Argentina) May 7 – 16 hs – Concentración en La Glorieta ~ Coordination site in 70 people in 2010.

San Luis: (Argentina) (San Luis) May 7 – 14 hs – Concentración en el Correo argentino ~ Coordination site in Argentina:

San Marcos: (California) Cody C. 210-364-9296

San Miguel de Tucumán: (Argentina) (Tucaman) May 7 – 14 hs – Concentración en Plaza Independencia ~Coordination site in Argentina: 35 people in 2010.

San Pedro: (Argentina) (Misiones) May 7 – 13 hs – Concentración en la plaza central ~ Coordination site in Argentina:

Santa Cruz: (Spain / Canary Islands) Saturday, May 7t ~ Marche Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Islas Canarias. Time: ‎5:00 pm ~ php?eid=115217788559304


Santiago: (Chile) Saturday, May 7 · 12:00pm – ~ Este Sábado 7 de Mayo a las 12.00 hs. nos reuniremos en Plaza Los Héroes (centro de la capital). A las 13.00 se dará inicio al acto principal, y a las 14.00 se iniciaremos la marcha desde Plaza Los Héroes por la Alameda, pasando por la moneda hasta llegar a plaza Italia, para desembocar y finalizar a las 16.00 hs. en el sector del Parque Bustamante. ~ Facebook: Marcha Cultiva tus Derechos 2011 Santiago ~ Wikia:,_Chile

Sao Paulo: (Brazil) hs,  Parque Ibirapuera. Sao Paulo, 2009: ~

Sapporo: (Japan) Cannabist +81-3-3706-6885

Saratov: (Russia) Ilya

Saskatoon: (SK, Canada) Tanya Derbowka 306 652 0462 Ethan Erkiletian  (306) 260-2952 Tanya (306) 291-1595 Sask. Marijuana Party postal: 1713 Ave. B. N., Saskatoon, SK, S7L 1H4 ~ Now hosted by

2 pm – 6 pm ~ March from Vimy Memorial to downtown and then to Kiwanis Park.

Seattle: (Washington) Greg West or  Melissa Hyson Seattle Cannabis Defence Coalition 888-208-5332  Couple thousand marched from Volunteer Park to Pioneer Sq.  in 2010 ; (2010)

Shreveport: (Louisiana)  Zane Brown, Jacob Franks Ph. 318-734-8014 ~ ~ FB ~

St. Louis: (Missouri) Greater St Louis NORML, Terri Zeman & Joseph Welch c/o the Law Offices of Derald Gab, 1708 Olive Street, St. Louis MO 63103  Phone: 314-995-1395 Fax: 314-678-3998 email:

St. Petersburg: (Florida) Anthony Salerno djwiass(at) Tpahemp(at) 727-520-2695 .. 50 people at Williams Park in 2010; Speakers from NORML and PUFMM. May 7, 2011 details TBA

St. Petersburg: (Russia) Piter’s contact: St. Petersburg GMM-2006: Gather in Manezh square.

Strasberg: (France) Le 7 mai 2011, de 14h à 18h, Place Kléber ~ Contact : François / <>

Sturgis: (South Dakota) Jeremy Briggs 605-484-1806 11th Annual Hemp Hoe Down Details TBA

Syracuse: (New York) Hesha Abdul Ali 315-395-6902 or Brian Schuler  300 participants in ’08, High NOON @ Oakland St and Stadium Place.

Tacoma: (Washington) Justin Prince 5o3.893.4367   March from Courthouse, high noon.

Taos: (New Mexico) Mark Hoffman 575-770-3778 or Leah 575-779-7078 Kit Carson Park Smoke-in.

Tel Aviv: (Isarel) Avi Iny or 972+547652662 or Moshe 972-54-592-7760 High noon, Saturday, May 2, Park Hayarkon.

Thessaloniki: (Greece) Legalize Protestival, 30 April ~ 1 May 2011 ~ legalise cannabis protestival greece. Αγωνιζόμαστε για το απαγορευμένο, διεκδικούμε το αυτονόητο. Wikia:,_Greece

Thunder Bay: (Ontario, Canada) Doug Thompson 807-475-7436  General Delivery, Nolalu, Ontario POT 2K0, Canada  or Stephanie Details TBA.

Tokyo: (Japan) Cannabist +81-3-3706-6885

Toledo: (Ohio) David Green 419-261-4797 Honk for weed, high noon, country courthouse.

Topeka: (Kansas) Heide Meadows 785-233- 10th & Gage N.W. Corner. 4:20 PM — bring food for potluck.

Toronto: (Ontario, Canada) Nieve tel 416 367-3459 40,000 in Queens Park in 2010! Toronto Global Marijuana March Group PO Box 47023, Shoppers Drug Mart P.O., 220 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H1 Noon to 6 PM, Queens Park.

Toulous: (France) ~ Le 7 mai 2011, à 14h, Prairie des Filtres. ~ ~ Contact : Marine <>

Traverse City: (Michigan) Rev. Steven B. Thompson, (231) 882-4496 Benzie County NORML, 6215 Smeltzer Rd., Benzonia, Michigan 49616 40 protestors in ’09. Gather Grandview & Union between 11:30am & noon on May 1st, 2010.

Trelew: (Argentina) Coordination site in Argentina: 40 people in 2010.

Tucson: (Arizona) Mary Mackenzie (520)323-2947 Postal: 3400 East Speedway, #118, Tucson, AZ 85716. Our march was a huge success, over 250 people marched in unison to show support and another 1,200 stopped by our information tent and concert after the march. Doing it 4/20 to beat the heat.–91760889.html

Ukiah: (California) Richard Haley Ukiah MMM Committee or Verge 707-671- Saturday, May 8, high noon. Ukiah Courthouse, Perkins & State st.

Ushuaia: (Argentina)  (Tierra del Fuego) – May 7 – 16 hs – Concentración en calle Pista de Ski 861 ~ Coordination site in Argentina:

Utica: (New York) Chris Belfiore (315)-794-2465  Genesee to the State Bldg.

Vancouver: (British Columbia, Canada) Jacob Hunter 604-803-4085, c/o BC Marijuana Party Bookstore and Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture HQ, 307 West Hastings, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 1H6

Valencia: (Spain) Enrique J. Dorta P. – AKA – Cannabicultor Rasta +34 697149495 Venezuela Cannabis Asociation:

Venado Tuerto: (Argentina) (Santa Fe) May 7 – 16 hs – Concentración en Plaza Italia (Picenza y Belgrano) ~ Coordination site in Argentina: 25 people in 2010.

Victoria: (British Columbia, Canada) Danielle Ditzian We will be starting @ 2:00 pm with assembly at Centennial Square.

Vitoria-Gasteiz: (Spain) Paco Mascaraque, Amigos de Maria info(at) ++34628881169 Euskal Herria (Basque Country) May marijuana film fest.

Vienna: (Austria) David Rosse phone: 00436507758899 mail: May 7th, March starts 13:00 o`clock @ Europaplatz (Mariahilferstrasse) with many Trucks,Speaches,  Soundsystems, Free Seeds, and many many surprises! 4:20 @ St.Stephans Cathedral (Stephansplatz) come with all your friends and family to stop Marijuana Prohibition! End of the march 22:00 o`clock @ Heldenplatz – – – And many many more…

Volgagrad: (Russia)  (volga-llc(at) Waco: Clif Deuvall clif107(at) 254-732-5012 . 10 am March from Austin & 8th.

Volos: (Greece) ~ (Poland) Tomasz Obara gota(at) gota(at) Mobile: +48510 964 822 GLOBALNY MARSZ WYZWOLENIA KONOPI, 23 MAJA 2009 – SOBOTA, start: 16:00, zbiórka pod Palacem Kultury i Nauki.

Washington, D.C.: (U.S.) Stefan Reed 571-643-1173 High Noon Saturday May 7th, 2011 – Lafayette Park march to  Meridian Hill Park. Sponsored by the NVCC SSDP.  John Pylka fjhc(at) 202-286-5586 Postal: FJHC, POB 5513, Washington, D.C. 20016

Wellington: (New Zealand)

Weymouth: (Massachusetts) We will be meeting up on the sea front, next to the clock and heading into town from there. The Jubilee Clock, the esplanade.

Wichita: (Kansas) Debby Moore 316-524-6001 P.O.Box 48258, Wichita, KS, 67201 or  Eden Fuson  < >, sponsor of the Wichita Kansas Worldwide Marijuana March, held May 1, 2010, is proud to announce this year’s event was a total success… close to 100 people. . Saturday , May 7, 2011. Gather 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Meet at the South Riverside park, located at Central & Nims Wichita, Kansas. The fork of the river. We will occupy the nearby bridges, waving to traffic, BRING YOUR OWN sign promoting drug law reform.

Wilmington: (Delaware) Richard J. Schimelfenig hempman(at) 302-439-033 Delaware Cannabis Society, 37 Jill Court, Wilmington, DE 19809 ~Rodney Square, 9:30 a.m. This is the 25th rally the Delaware Cannabis Society has sponsored in Wilmington, Delaware. Right in front of the DuPont Company headquarters, and the Delaware headquarters of the DEA. <!/video/video.php?v=123985954299693

Wilmington: (North Carolina) Miguel Lugo 910-200-1083 Downtown on N. Water St. 4 p.m.

Winnipeg: (MB Canada) Andy Adams complexsplendor_88(at) 204-962-3816 . or Tara Trout xseveredxcraniumx(at) Rally May 4-6th St Johns Park.

Winona: (Minnesota) Sara Manz saraemanz(at) (414) 587-9277 Winona State University NORML, 470 1.2 Lafayette Street, Winona, MN 55987

Woodstock: (New York) Lisa Crumrine <onelovevi(at)> 845 399 9676 . Rally May 8 Village Green 4:20.

Worland: (Wyoming) Daniel Bresach tuckoff316(at) 307-431-0426 . 3 p.m., Blairs parking lot.

Yakima: (Washington) Sylvia Vallejo 509-654-0934a

Yuba City: (California) Darren Courtney, Yuba-Sutter Medical Cannabis Alliance, P.O. Box 5565, Marysville, CA 95901 . 530-354-5375 March at 12 pm From Veterans Memorial in Marysville across the 5th street bridge over the Feather River approx 1.5 miles to fountain in downtown Yuba City, followed by a picnic & rally.

Zaragoza: (Spain)  Sunday, May 8 · 6:30pm – 8:00pm ~ Pza. del Pilar, Zaragoza. ~ Manifestación por la normalización del cannabis que partirá de la Plaza del Pilar pàra subir por la calle Alfonso, recorrer el Coso y subir por la Avenida de la Independencia hasta el Paraninfo Universitario de la Plaza Paraíso, donde leeremos un manifiesto y cantaremos el «Canto a la Libertad» de José Antonio Labordeta. ~  Wikia page:,_Spain ~