Reconocimiento internacional a Kaiki de Cannabiogen

4/20 Breeder of the Year 2011 Awarded to Charlie Garcia/Kaiki of Cannabiogen!!

Every year I have the utmost pleasure in being able to recognize and award on behalf of International Cannagraphic….Breeder of the Year….

This year I am going to give this award to Charlie Garcia (otherwise known as Kaiki) from Cannabiogen…

Charlie has been a dedicated breeder and friend of mine for many years now and has produced quite a few special varieties over the years that have not only impressed many growers but other breeders too that have used them as the basis to make many hybrids..

It has been said that Charlie is a: Breeder for Growers and a Breeders-Breeder and I would thoroughly agree with that statement…

He has created (or had a hand in creating): Destroyer, Pakistani Chitral Kush, Taskenti, Sandstorm, Sugarloaf, Caribe, Nepal Highland, Punta Rosa and Meo Thai amongst others, and continues to be active in the breeding world so bringing us new and exciting varieties bred mostly from original landraces year in and year out….

Since the organized 4/20 Cup in Amsterdam was cancelled this year due to security concerns, I will be forwarding Charlie’s trophy to him in Spain…

CONGRATULATIONS CHARLIE GARCIA (KAIKI)….and we all hope that you continue to grow and breed, making good seeds for all of us in the years to come!

Visto en Icmag Magazine.